Freezer Bought

by | May 25, 2014 | 2 comments

Yesterday I bought a new upright freezer that will be used to store the samples of urine and pooh that are required for the research taking place into why some patients need more frequent than others.  A large box of sample containers arrived on Friday so everything is starting to take shape.

The only thing holding us up is Ethics Approval which will hopefully be granted on the 9th June.  When the ethics committee gives the ok I will then be writing to various doctors surgeries asking them to identify patients who manage perfectly well on a 1mg injection of B12 every three months.  This is because whilst we have plenty of volunteers who need more frequent injections that one every twelve weeks, we are struggling to get the necessary number of patients to take part in the research who need more frequent injections.

The project will be coordinated at the office end by a medical student.

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  1. Linda Nunnick

    Good afternoon, I read with interest your latest blog and notice that you are struggling with patients who require frequent B12 injections for your study. I was diagnosed in 2005 and for the past couple of years have been really struggling and pleading with g.p’s to get more injections, I manage to get one every ten weeks but it is still not enough, I am on my knees with tiredness and other symptoms. If I can be of help I would like to volunteer. I am 64 years of age. Kind regards Linda Nunnick

    • Martyn

      Dear Linda,
      We have more than enough patients who are struggling on the three monthly regime – it’s those that manage perfectly well that we are short of.
      Please go to the website and register for the programme – you’ll find the online form in the Research section though be patient as the website is undergoing a major make-over.


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