I know, I know – I broke my promise to post everyday on here.  And there’s a reason.  For the first time in years we had no telephone calls on Wednesday or Thursday.  I cannot remember that happening before and it must be something to do with somebody’s law.

Today I have to prepare a new presentation for Podiatrists as I begin a new round of Seminars to various regional groups.  The reason why Podiatrists are so interested in Pernicious Anaemia is because they are seen as front-line identifiers of Diabetes – think Diabetic Foot.  And they are amazed that a lack of Vitamin B12 can cause nerve damage especially peripheral neuropathy.  And the peripheral neuropathy associated with B12 Deficiency is almost identical to Diabetic Foot.  And so Podiatrists are in an unique position to identify patients who might have Pernicious Anaemia.

My first presentation is to the Leicester Region on Sunday which means another 8 hour round trip car journey.  You see, this really is a 7-day a week job!!