“Here’s some good news”.

That’s how the email started.  It was from a GP who had just completed the first of what will transpire to be a series of presentations to fellow doctors that raises awareness of the prevalence of Vitamin B12 Deficiency along with the limitations of the current tests to determine the deficiency and the many other problems associated with PA etc.

“The feedback was brilliant” she wrote, “and I’ve already been asked to make another presentation to a different group”.

This really is a milestone; we have a GP telling her colleagues about the problems with the diagnosis of B12 Deficiency.  And as I was reminded recently, ‘doctors talk to doctors and doctors listen to doctors – and that’s the way it’s been for four hundred years’.  Hopefully this will be the start of a debate among medical professionals that will allow the issues discussed at the presentation to cascade to other doctors.  Fingers crossed and all that.

Well done Doc!