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phone1Yesterday I took two telephone calls from two different GPs who wanted to discuss their patient’s problems.  I was expecting one of the calls as the member had telephoned last week to tell me about the problems she was having getting adequate treatment.  During the call with the patient I made copious notes and was made well aware of the whole situation.  When her GP called I was able to tell him about how different people needed different treatment and outlined several possible ways forward.  I think it was a very positive telephone call; the doctor made it quite clear that he wanted to ensure that the patient received the best possible treatment.  He was also very grateful for me pointing out the new guidelines on cobalamin and folate and for the ECPD training unit which he assured me he would complete and inform the rest of his colleagues about.

The call from the other doctor left me bewildered as I didn’t know anything about the patient’s issues and so I was left mumbling vague statements.  There is also the issue of patient confidentiality which means that any such conversations are going to be based solely on broad observations.

I am always happy to talk with medical professionals and give them the patient’s perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of Pernicious Anaemia but please telephone the office and discuss your particular issues with me so that I am able to build a complete picture of your case before you ask your doctor to telephone me.  Understandably not all doctors will want to contact me but if they do I will be happy to speak to them but please let me know if I am to expect a call.

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