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by | Feb 16, 2016 | 2 comments

It happened twice yesterday.  Two calls received from patients who had, in the past, eventually been diagnosed as having Pernicious Anaemia and who have recently been told that they no longer need replacement therapy injections of B12 because their serum B12 were ‘too high’ or ‘dangerously too high’.

It’s rare that a day passes without the society receiving a call from patients who have had their injections stopped and their tell-tale symptoms have begun to reappear.  It’s got to the stage now that I have decided to raise awareness of this problem among decision makers in healthcare so that they will (hopefully) address this far too common problem.

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But this brings with it a problem.  Henry Kissinger is supposed to have said that if he wanted to speak to Europe he wouldn’t know who to call (actually he can’t remember saying it but later remarked that he’ll accept credit for it as it’s a good point).  And it’s a bit like that in the UK Health Service.  Who do I write to in order to raise awareness of this problem in order to get it corrected?  The Secretary of State for Health (bearing in mind that healthcare is now a devolved issue)?  The Chief Medical Officer? The Minister for Long Term Conditions? Deans of Medical Schools?  You see the problem?

I’m going to plump for the Royal College of General Practitioners and see what they have to say.  But this in itself prompts another problem.  The Royal College is also devolved into regions and then further subdivided into what seems like 100 local faculties – can you hear me sighing?

I know, I’ll start with the President of the RCGP and its Clinical Director for Patient Safety and see how i get on.  Now, if you will excuse me I have some letters to write.


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  1. Kristen Jackson

    PLEASE give me a phone number I can call to have a letter written on my behalf. No one can understand when I try to explain my bizarre and awful behavior, that went on for years, before I treated myself with sublingual vitamin B12. The constant ignorance of my medical providers, cost me lots of friends, a terrible, terrible divorce and almost destroyed my entire family. No one believes that a VITAMIN can keep you sane and even more…keep you alive!! Please help. I am in the United States of America. (That kind of embarrasses me). Thank you very much. Maybe if I keep feeling better, I can “make America NICE again.”

    • Martyn Hooper MBE

      Please telephone the number given on the website


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