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Buckingham Palace Garden Party

by | Apr 9, 2016 | 4 comments

Yes – it’s true.  I’ve been invited to attend a Garden Party held by HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace.

I received a telephone call back in early February from a lady from the Cabinet Office asking if I would like to attend as “someone special would like to meet you”.  I thought about it for a millisecond and the convinced myself that only good could come of it as it would be a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the problems faced by our members in getting a diagnosis and adequate treatment.  So off I go, along with the current Mrs Hooper on May 10th – the same day that I was offered a date to have lunch with the Chairman of NICE – but it’s okay, I’ve been able to move that meeting to an earlier time.

I will be attending the Garden Party as the Chairman of the Pernicious Anaemia Society and not as Martyn Hooper.  That way the work of all who are associated with the charity will be acknowledged and not just my efforts.  And now I have to go and buy a suit.


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  1. Mabsie

    Brilliant! Enjoy is my advice. You work so hard for us all.

  2. Wedgewood

    You can’t imagine how pleased I am for you . You have more than earned the honour! I believe the sandwiches and cakes will be delicious. Hope that the sun shines

  3. Karyl

    Wonderful news Martyn!

  4. Sarah

    So pleased to hear that your efforts are being recognised.


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