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Bobby the Scottish Terrier

by | Mar 27, 2016 | 2 comments


Sometimes I just like to sit and think.  Other times I like to just sit and that’s what I was doing yesterday; just sitting on the seafront in Tenby looking out to sea and generally thinking about nothing in particular.  Along comes a lady with what looked like an elderly black Scottish Terrier (that’s not him over there by the way – but it looked a lot like him).  Anyway I bent over to pat the dog and my act of canine friendliness was taken by the dog’s owner as an invitation to sit down next to me and tell me all about Bobby’s life – that was his name you see.  She told me how old he was (6yrs and two months), where he came from (a farm in Shropshire), his naughty traits (he chews shoelaces) and his general personality – a cheeky chap who knows he is the boss of the house.

“He’s not been very well – he has diabetes.  He has an injection three times a day but he still gets very tired quite easily”

“Maybe he needs some B12” I said jokingly.

“Oh he gets that as well.  His vet prescribes it and I give him his injection every day”

I just thought I’d share that with you.

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  1. Karyl C

    Perhaps I should register with a vet as opposed to a GP!!!

  2. Sue C

    Lucky Bobby


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