Now – who’d like a bit of good news for a change?
Well, here’s something to brighten your day. I’ve just been told that a research proposal made by two members of the PA Society’s ‘Round Table’ of researchers has just cleared its first hurdle with respect to securing funding that will investigate one particular aspect of B12 (I can’t say more than that as it’s all hush hush). The collaboration between the two lead researchers came about at last Christmas’s Round Table Christmas Lunch at the Royal Society of Medicine. The two Professors involved had an animated conversation about a potential research programme and I met with the others involved in the project in Cambridge last March. Yesterday they received news that the first part of the application put forward by the two collaborative universities had been accepted. More work now needs to be done and the society will be providing ‘evidence of need’. So our main aim of getting somebody or some institution to thoroughly review how PA is diagnosed and treated is starting to take shape. Early days of course and it will be many years before such a review will happen, but these research programmes will provide much needed evidence.
Oh! And the sum involved – a cool £4.2 Million…….
Have a good day – I know I will…..