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New user-friendly website

Our current website is badly in need of an update. It has served us well for the past four years but it is struggling to cope with the amount of traffic that is using it and the current layout is not suitable for the most popular way in which people now access the site – via tablets and smartphones. We will tell you when the new website will go live in the next few days.

Over the past months we have been working with a new website developer to produce a more user-friendly site that is better suited to tablet and smartphone users. And we’ve introduced a number of changes that will improve the user experience when visiting the site. Here’s a summary of the main changes we have made:

Referenced Information

To comply with Information Standard requirements all information that is provided will be referenced so that you know that what we tell you is accurate, or is as accurate as it can be.

New Membership Categories

We know that a great many of our members are directed to our website by medical professionals and by other websites (our biggest referrer is NHS Direct). Some visitors seek only a basic explanation of what Pernicious Anaemia is. We are committed to providing this basic explanation, written in plain English, to visitors for free. Providing information to patients and their families and friends is one of the Objects of the society stated by the UK’s Charity Commission. Other visitors to the site want more detailed information and in order to access this they will be required to become a member. We are introducing three different types of membership.

All members will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the full Website
  • Access to the Helpline
  • Access to the Specialist Nurse (for children and female related issues)
  • Access to our Advocacy Services relating to Employment and Educational issues (we can provide evidence and appear as Expert Witnesses in Trials, Tribunals and Hearings) for a small fee and expenses
  • Letter Writing Service – we can write letters on your behalf for a wide range of issues
  • Access to Local Support Group (depending on locality)
  • Opportunity to participate in Research Projects
  • Reduced Conference Fee – for our bi-annual conference
  • Receive our Quarterly Newsletter – Cobalamin News
  • Become part of an International Patient Support Group – the more of us there are the more our voice will be heard.


Bronze Member: Membership for a full year for £20. You can then choose to renew for a further 12 months by paying another £20.

Silver Member: An initial joining fee of £20 for the first year. After the first year your membership is renewed automatically for only £10 a year. The membership fee will be deducted from your Debit or Credit card/PayPal account automatically every year. You will be able to cancel your membership at any time in your account settings.

Lifetime Member (Gold): Gold Membership is for life for a single payment of £100. You will also receive a Welcome Pack which will include a signed copy of the Chairman’s latest book ‘What you Need to Know About Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency’ (with a cover price of £14.99), two car window stickers, two Pernicious Anaemia Society pens and two PAS wristbands.

We will honour our commitment of a one-off lifetime membership to current members. Existing members will be now classed as ‘Legacy Members’ for the purpose of our database and no payment will be required. The only difference that Legacy (existing) Members will find is that when they log into the website they will be asked to enter their email rather than a username. You will also be asked to reset your password by clicking on the ‘Lost Password’ link. Fill in your emailaddress and you will receive a link to create a new password via email. This is for added security and is a requirement of the new system. If you have any problems you will be able to email the Website Administrator for help. The contact details will be under Contact on the new website. Legacy Members will continue to receive the same membership benefits as Silver and Bronze members.

Tablet/Smartphone Compatible

The new website will be much more accessible for those who access it by smartphone or tablet. The current website is not able to perform well on these platforms – the new one will be much more mobile/tablet friendly.

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  1. jill

    Can I convert my ‘legacy membership’ to a Lifetime Member?

    • Martyn

      Yes of course you can covert to Gold. Either simply join again using a different email to the one you registered with as a legacy member. Or ask us to delete your legacy membership and then join again. You’ll then get lifetime access to all parts of the website, get a signed copy of my book along with some PA Society pens, wristbands and window stickers.


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