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A Dot Too Many

by | Aug 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Let’s get one thing straight; I love women and I always have. Now, why am I telling you this? Well, when I was studying for my A-levels I had the opportunity to take extra classes in either French or Typewriting. And, because the typewriting class was full of females I decided to take typing and I learned to touch-type (something that should these days be taught in Primary School to enable users to use computers faster – but that’s another argument).
So, there I was, along with 16 ‘approaching womanhood’ women learning how to use all of my digits to type at up to 100 words per minute (I can now achieve speeds of around 130 wpm).
And at the end of a sentence I was taught to type a full stop. And following on from the full stop I was to press the space bar twice. Like I just have. And there, I’ve done it again.
And now, nearly four decades later, I have been told that I mustn’t press the space bar twice after a full stop, but only once. Like that. And again.
The reason is because websites don’t like two dots. If I press two spaces it confuses the whole system. And it can confuse those with a visual impairment as well. So now I have to discipline myself to be economical with my spaces.
Now, repeat after me; one space not two; one space not two….

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