Today the new website has gone live and hopefully that event marks the end of the worst six months in the history of the society.

It was just before Christmas 2013 that the company that had looked after all aspects of the website went into administration and we were left without any paid support.  It has taken six months to raise the necessary funds to make all manner of changes to the website that included changing servers, domain names and a host of other complicated stuff.

It is easy to forget just how big the website is and how much of a role it plays in patient’s lives.  The new website features a special section especially designed and built for medical professionals.  For the first time doctors will now be able to download a unique fact sheet that contains all of the latest developments in diagnosing and treating Pernicious Anaemia.  It is fully referenced and gives details of how the current test used to determine B12 status and whether any deficiency is caused by PA is not fit for purpose and it also tells of what we as a society are doing to make others aware of this.

Sadly, the Forum has now been suspended.  Two of the most knowledgeable moderators resigned earlier in the year and the sheer number of members posting questions made it impossible to moderate effectively.  We now have links to Health Unlocked:

“HealthUnlocked is a social network designed for people who care about their health and the health of others. With hundreds of dedicated communities run by patient charities and health organizations and a million users visiting monthly it’s the fastest growing hub for health support and information

So, with the website management going into freefall and the hugely popular forum being suspended the last six months have been one long headache as we searched for solutions to the problems.  Hopefully the second half of 2014 will be a lot less complicated than the first six months.