Tomorrow I will be at Llandough Hospital in the Vale of Glamorgan to deliver a presentation to 40-50 Consultant Psychiatrists.  The talk is titled:

“Should All Psychiatric Patients be Screened for Vitamin B12 Deficiency?”

The answer is “yes” but, as I found out when researching my latest book, it isn’t such a straightforward process and the talk will discuss the pro’s and con’s of screening for B12 – the major obstacle of course is that the current test used to determine B12 status in patients is next to useless.  Still, I will be able to make the point that if they have patients who have Pernicious Anaemia and who have had their treatment stopped (more common than you would think) then the priority for doctors would be to quickly re-instate the patients treatment.

Hopefully my talk will raise awareness of the association between low B12 and psychiatric manifestations because, after all, as an ambassador for an established and respected patient support group that is all that we can do – raise awareness of the problems faced by our members.