paulIt’s been reported that the magician and entertainer Paul Daniels was diagnosed as having Pernicious Anaemia in January of this year.  Here’s how the Sun carried the story online

‘The star, who became a household name with his BBC1 series The Paul Daniels Magic Show which ran from the Seventies to the Nineties, went to the doctors on January 4.

Tests showed he had pernicious anaemia, an autoimmune condition that causes vitamin B12 deficiency.

He was prescribed twice weekly injections and assured he would be fully recovered in three months.

Debbie said: “But he got worse. Paul had always jumped out of bed, gone downstairs, started tweeting. But all he could do was read Twitter and watch TV. He felt shattered.”

Then Debbie went to take Paul to their doctor’s surgery for an injection and he stumbled outside their £2.5million home in Wargrave, Berks’. 

The cause of the entertainer’s death was a brain tumour which may or may not have also been the cause of his tiredness.  However, as most people with Pernicious Anaemia know, or at least members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society know, the ‘full recovery’ that Paul had been assured he would make doesn’t always happen and even after treatment to correct the B12 Deficiency has begun the patient still suffers from the worst symptoms of the condition.

My thoughts go to Paul’s family at this sad time.

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